This year marks an important global achievement as the 100,000th refugee from Bhutan is expected to depart refugee camps in Nepal for resettlement. Since 2005, Australia has played a key role in the international resettlement of refugees from Bhutan. Australia has worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other major resettlement countries to help achieve a resolution for one of the most protracted refugee situations in Asia. Australia has welcomed close to 5500 refugees from Bhutan, who have settled in both regional and metropolitan areas around Australia and  arecontributing to Australian society and their local communities. Refugee Week acknowledges the experiences of refugees and their contribution to Australia. Далее
In a statement issued today the veteran Australian policy and faithful ally Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to 72-year-old Bronwyn Bishop announced that resigned from the post of speaker of the lower House of the Australian Parliament. "This decision was difficult for me. But I took it out of respect to the Parliament and to the people of Australia, "said Ms Bishop. The reason for the resignation of lay became a scandal: in July it became known that the speaker paid from the State Treasury over $3650 just to reach the neighboring with Melbourne city where fundraising event held in support of the Liberal Party. Australian MEDIA extensively covered the case, triggering a public uproar because distance 76 km, according to the indignant people citizens, and could by car. The greater outrage sparked this case that declining Government revenues from natural resources regularly calls on officials to the austerity of public funds. Mrs. Bishop in response to this public and apologized to the promised to offset the cost of the flight from its own funds. Далее
In one of the restaurants, fast food chains McDonald's in Australian Brisbane offers a gourmet menu. According to The Daily Mirror, visitors to the venues will offer corn pancake, egg rolls on the buns, avocado and feta cheese on toast and Belgian waffles with berries and yogurt. Далее
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