There have been quite a few changes in the Australian immigration scene in 2018. Scott Morrison, PM of Australia, announced the slashing of immigration numbers. On the other hand, more opportunities for immigrants in regional areas were created. Here are the changes that you can see in Australian immigration in 2019: Pathway to PR created for low-skilled immigrants The Australian Govt. has signed the DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement) with Northern Territory and Victoria. The DAMA will lower the English, income, and skill level requirements for migrants working in the… Далее
The Australia Govt. has announced two new visa agreements which will allow employers to sponsor foreign workers. These workers will be allowed with lower English and salary levels. This move may help the Govt. redistribute the incoming immigrant population away from the major cities. Australia plans to attract migrants to its regional areas through these new visa agreements. This scheme will be known as the Designated Areas Migration Agreements (DAMAs). It has currently been announced for 2 regions in Australia: Northern Territory Warrnambool region in Victoria David Coleman,… Далее
Prime Minister Scott Morrison will cut the number of migrants coming to Australia, declaring the "roads are clogged" and buses, trains and schools in Sydney and Melbourne "are full". In a dramatic shift in rhetoric as cabinet plots a new population policy, the Prime Minister predicted the impending changes would lower the annual immigration target from its cap of 190,000. "Population growth has played a key role in our economic success. But I also know Australians in our biggest cities are concerned about population," Mr Morrison said. "The roads are clogged, the buses and trains are… Далее
From 19 November 2018, Australian Biometrics Collection Centres (ABCCs) will commence collecting biometrics from visa applicants who are in Russia or Kazakhstan at the time of making a visa application to enter Australia, unless they are excluded or exempt from doing so under Australian Government policy. As per Home Affairs’ press release, applicants who lodge their applications from this date will be sent a letter requiring them to attend an ABCC in person to provide their biometrics.  Applicants will need to contact an ABCC to make an appointment and have their biometrics… Далее
The Australian government has unveiled a proposal to force new migrants to live outside Sydney and Melbourne. The policy would aim to ease congestion in Australia's two biggest cities while boosting regional areas, Population Minister Alan Tudge said on Tuesday. The government may introduce visa conditions to limit where some migrants live for up to five years, he said. However, some experts have questioned whether the idea is enforceable and likely to achieve its goals. Why is Australia having this debate? Currently, about two-fifths of Australia's 25 million people live in… Далее
Australia’s ruling Liberal Party voted in a new leader, Scott Morrison, who now became prime minister. Morrison, who was the country’s treasurer and previously a hardline immigration minister, replaces Malcolm Turnbull. Australia’s top job has changed hands six times in the last decade with not one prime minister completing a full term. The most recent handovers involved less blood-letting and more internal party politics. The attack on Turnbull came over his energy policy. He had proposed reducing carbon emissions, per the Paris climate agreement, but other members of the… Далее
Australia's population is set to hit 25 million in August, and Liberal senator Dean Smith wants to start a discussion about how infrastructure is going to keep up with demand. The West Australian senator has suggested a parliamentary committee could be the way to go in figuring out how to deal with Australia's needs as the population grows faster than expected. "Population issues are broader than immigration issues, but wherever you go across the country you can see different sorts of population challenges," he told the local media. "In regional communities you might see lack of… Далее
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