The Australian Govt. has announced that there will be no further cuts to migration numbers. However, the Govt. will focus on how to encourage migrants to move to the regional areas. Julian Leeser, Liberal MP, said that Australia’s quality of life depends on solving the challenge of how to better redistribute Australia’s migrant population. The immigrant population in Australia will increase by 25% to 31.4 million in the next 15 years, as quoted by The Guardian. Mr Leeser says that most of the population growth is expected in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and… Далее
The Department of Home Affairs has announced a new initiative for an additional Temporary Graduate visa with an extra year of post-study work rights for international students who: graduate from the regional campus of a registered university or institution with a higher education or postgraduate qualification; and maintain ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their first Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa The second Temporary Graduate visa will require ongoing residence in a regional area. The definition of regional Australia for this purpose will be the same… Далее
In the lead up to the introduction of the new Skilled Regional visas in November, Immigration has announced further details on the implementation dates for the 491 and 494 visas, and transitional arrangements for Subclass 489 and RSMS visas. Lodgement deadlines Most importantly, Immigration advises that the last date to be invited for a Subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa will be 10 September 2019. The last date to then lodge an application based on an invitation would be 15 November 2019. The last date to lodge a Subclass 187 Regional Skilled Migration Scheme… Далее
The 1st of July marked the beginning of the new immigration program year for Australia. This is when the Australian Govt. sets quotas for skilled migration. The Govt. also plans levels for state sponsorship spots at the beginning of the immigration program year. With the beginning of the new program year, here are the changes to watch out for: Visa fee increase Beginning on the 1st of July, most visa subclasses will see a 5.4% increase in the Visa fee. Student Visa fee increases from $575 to $606. Skilled Migration Visa fee increases from $3,755 to $3,958 while Partner… Далее
Australia is planning a number of rail and infrastructure projects around the country. Once completed, they will make commuting much easier for passengers in Australia. However, the Building and Construction industry is struggling with a massive labour shortage. They are having a tough time filling in job vacancies to get these projects off the ground. There is a major dearth of electricians and talented engineers in this industry. Building Contractors are finding it hard to find the right guys to connect the signalling systems to the new train lines. As per the 2018 data from Seek,… Далее
The Migration Regulations 1994 outlines the health requirements for an Australian Visa. This is under Schedule 4 of the Public Interest Criteria. As per the Govt, there are 3 major objectives: To ensure public safety and to safeguard Australians against infectious diseases like TB To safeguard access for Australians to medical supplies which are in short supply like organ transplants To limit the spending on community and health services The present protocol for enforcing the policy states that it is crucial for the country and its visa programs. It is to ensure that public… Далее
The Australian federal election is over, and we expect that the Liberal National Party coalition will retain government for the next three years. There has been no announcement on changes to the Minister for Immigration as yet, so we will need to wait and see. Regional Visas A retained LNP government means some assurance that the announced subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa and the subclass 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored visa will commence in November 2019 as advised. The push to prioritise the movement of migrants into regional Australia will remain strong on this… Далее