Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced the new Temporary Activities Subclass 408 visa, which establishes a new single subclass of visa and repealing Subclasses 401, 416, 420 and 488. The new visa will consolidate the current Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 criteria for temporary stay in Australia for the following activities:    participating in events where the applicant is invited by a person or organisation who is directly responsible for, or has a formal role in, preparing for or conducting the event; elite sporting activities or training for such an… Далее
An ABS has this week announced that migrant tax payers have generated $53.4 billion in total personal income in 2011-12, an increase in real terms of 17 per cent on 2010-11. CEO of Migration Council Australia Carla Wilshire welcomed the report’s findings and said that the data demonstrates the value of skilled migration and the economic contribution that skilled migrants make to the Australian budget bottom line. “The skilled migration program is one of Australia’s greatest success stories and growth in migrant income over time indicates that migrants are successfully integrating… Далее
The new ACT Occupation List (effective 1 September 2016) has now been published on ACT website: In summary: •        The skills need has eased for restaurant managers, management consultants, solicitors and financial advisers. These occupations are now closed. •        The demand for skills within corporate management, HR and the creative / design sector is increasing. Occupations within these sectors have now opened. •        The ‘open’ status of the following… Далее
15 September in Canberra hosted the ceremony of inauguration of the new Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, who held the previous day a vote of parliamentarians from the ruling country Liberal party managed to unseat now former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Turnbull, who served until September 14, the post of Minister of communications, on Monday announced that "defies" the Prime Minister and the leader of the Liberal party to Abbott, because the government, in his words, "not capable of implementing a successful strategy of economic development of the country." In the ensuing… Далее
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has published quotas for occupations to 2015-gg. The quotas are valid only for two visa subclass - 189 and 489 (relative sponsorship). The largest increase in percentage sootnoshenii received occupations Metal Fitters and Machinists +1254 locations (18%) and Plumbers +666 seats (15%) compared to last financial year. The biggest drop was received by the accounting profession (Accountant) -2953 places (54%), followed her profession Honey.sister (Registered Nurse) -1170 places (8%). Of a total quota excluded Dentists, but added auto… Далее
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) made minor amendments to the list of professions in demand (SOL & CSOL) moving the three professions (Urban and Regional Planner, Dental Specialist, Dentist) from the list in SOL CSOL. In the SOL list in turn added two new professions: Panelbeater and Cabinetmaker. Along with this I would like to mention that the profession of Primary School Teacher 241213 excluded from both lists. These lists will be valid until 30 June 2016(incl.). The new occupations list SOL The new occupations list… Далее
From 1 July 2015 the Department of Immigration of Australia (DIBP) reduces the minimum passing score on Business and Investor visas to 50 points, and also allows for the implementation of the basic requirements for permanent residence Business visas (subclass 888) is the second applicant. Introduced a new category of visas for wealthy businessmen - Premium Investment Visa (PIV). A distinctive feature of the PIV will be accelerated resident status (permanent residence) within 12 months from the date of investment in the Australian economy at least 15 million Australian Dollars to return as… Далее