Malcolm Turnbull – the new Prime Minister of Australia


15 September in Canberra hosted the ceremony of inauguration of the new Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, who held the previous day a vote of parliamentarians from the ruling country Liberal party managed to unseat now former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Turnbull, who served until September 14, the post of Minister of communications, on Monday announced that “defies” the Prime Minister and the leader of the Liberal party to Abbott, because the government, in his words, “not capable of implementing a successful strategy of economic development of the country.” In the ensuing elections of the party leader 54 the MP – liberal supported Turnbull and only 44 – Abbott.

This morning Turnbull said he plans to determine a new government by early next week, and hinted that it will include many members of the former Cabinet of Ministers. Among those who will retain their posts, likely to be Minister for foreign Affairs Julie Bishop. On Monday she was again re-elected Deputy leader of the Liberal party and played a key role in winning the Turnbull. In 2008-2009 Turnbull was the liberal leader, who was then in the opposition, but lost this post when the result is the same “Palace coup” which occurred on Monday, the party came Tony Abbott. The Deputy leader of the party at that time was Julie Bishop.

Abbott made no secret of his bitterness

Announcing his resignation as head of government, Tony Abbott did not hide the bitter feelings and said that much of the blame for this lies betrayed his people and the press. He appealed to the media to stop using dubious anonymous “leaks” of information and “to encourage to shame, playing the role of blade in the hands of a killer”.

“I never hurt and didn’t intrigue behind the people and do not intend to start doing so now, said the now ex-Prime Minister. – If you come into (political) game, then you need to follow its rules, however, politics in our country over the last decade has changed – is carried out more surveys, it sounds more aimed at the humiliation of people’s comments, the media increasingly give rise to panic, which makes the Institute a Prime Minister in a public thoroughfare, and living fever media have encouraged betrayal. I’m upset that I lost, but it does not go to any comparison with the great honor to lead the country in recent years”.

Five years – five premiers

Over the last five years in power in Australia had five Prime Ministers – labour’s Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and Kevin Rudd, the liberals Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.