Here are the Australian immigration changes you can see in 2020

Australia is gearing up for a number of significant immigration changes in 2020.
Here are all the Australian immigration changes that you can see in 2020.

Points Score
Scoring high points is something that all aspiring immigrants to Australia aim for.
However, the minimum score required in 2020 will remain unchanged at 65 points. 
Migration Experts encourage immigrants who score 65 points lodge an Expression of Interest. Even though applicants with higher scores have a greater chance of getting an invitation, there are several other routes that aspiring immigrants can explore.

Single applicants can now take advantage of their single status by claiming an additional 10 points. Married applicants with a skilled spouse can also claim 10 points if their spouse obtains a positive Skill Assessment Report. They can also claim 5 points if their spouse can demonstrate competent English.
Having certain STEM qualifications can earn applicants an extra 10 points.
Nomination from a state or territory or sponsorship from an eligible family member can also get applicants an extra 15 points.

New Visas
Australia has set aside 25,000 visa places for the new Regional Visas. The new Subclass 491 and Subclass 494 Visas aim to attract more skilled migrants to the designated regional areas of Australia. Both these visas have a provision for Permanent Residency.

The Traffic Light Bulletin
The Traffic Light Bulletin is issued by the Dept. of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Businesses. The Bulletin proposes significant changes to the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia.
32 occupations may have their status changed in the SOLs while 11 occupations may be removed. 6 occupations will have salary caveats in 2020.