Clients Testimonials

Sydney Migration Group assisted me with apllying for 485 visa and I can’t recommend them highly enough. All the emails were replied in no more than 24 hours and all the questions asked (even the most absurd and illogical) were answered comprehensively and in a professional manner. Many thanks to Sydney Migration Group and personally to Maxim Emeline.


Finally we also got a visa. The whole process from the assessment of chances to getting visa took 2 years and 3 months. 05/08/2013 I sent a request to assess the chances to Maxim Emeline, and since then, we were one team under his leadership. Half of a year we struggled with IELTS, 6 tests, five of which lacked half a point in Writing or speaking! During this difficult period, I was often loosing hope that I would pass the exam ever, Maxim supported, encouraged, inspired confidence and optimism. In April 2014, when, after 3 attempts to pass the exam, the motivation was at zero level, I decided to stimulate the preparation for exams. Thanks to clear and professional work of the agent, confirmation passed without a hitch in less than a month. Frankly speaking, I could not deal with all the nuances of paperwork, Maxim prompted, checked, amended, approved, or rejected everything! On February 7, I finally won IELTS and got 7.5 in all units, when we came from vacation we sent EOI with SA sponsorship. We were waiting for a long time and we were nervous, but we received the invitation and applied for a visa. At first it was like by the instructions, request for Team 13, after 2 weeks a request for medicine, but then the problems started. Having passed the medicine, we were waiting for six weeks for request for further examination, which had to come on our registration address, but never came. Six weeks later the nerves had not sustained, and I called the IOM, where I was told what I need exactly, what certificate, and what there should be written. These six weeks can be deleted from our timeline as it was just our fault, senseless waiting. After the medicine we came back on an oily track, everything by plan! AIM ASSESSMENT – 19.04.2014 – 16.05.2014 IELTS DONE – 07.02.2015 EOI – 06.03.2015 – 24.03.2015 VISA APPLICATION – 01.04.2015 TEAM 13 REQUEST – 17.04.2015 CO REQUEST – 05.05.2015 MEDICAL EXAMINATION – 21.05.2015 MED FINALISED – 13.07.2015 VAC 2 REQUEST – 24.07.2015 GRANT – 31.07.2015 FIRST ENTRY – 27.03.2016. I want to thank once again to Maxim Emeline for comprehensive support and professional approach! He was always there! He answered any silly questions for 30 times.

Catherine G.

Me and my wife have successfully passed the whole procedure of obtaining work visa with the help of Maxim Emeline (The World of Australia). Everything took less than a year. He answers any questions and he is always willing to help with advice, even where others might say “it’s your problem.” We have many times puzzled him by asking such questions as “well, when will be a feedback” / “why everything takes so much time,”  for what he has always reacted appropriately – somewhere he calmed us, somewhere appealed to the immigration authorities with the request. In general, he does not leave in a difficult situation. He is a real professional. We were very pleased, and I wish that for the rest.


We have Happy End as well! On September 19, 2011, we entered into an agreement with the Agency, “The World of Australia” and began to work with Maxim. Someone can say that you can go all the way by your own, but will a modern man have enough experience and time to do that? My way to the dream was not easy, and there was no right for an error, that’s why Maxim’s help and his team was what we really need. At that time there were enough good reviews about this agency and we chose it. We have never regretted our decision. Quick answers, up to-date information about changes in the migration policy of Australia, the translation of all documents. We have been waiting for work experience of my husband for a long time. And when we received it, the process was much accelerated. Not everything went fluently but the most important was the result. On October 8, 2013 Maxim filed a package of documents for a visa and on December 12 we passed medicine in Yekaterinburg. And here came the day – January 30, 2014, when a letter – Visa Granted arrived at the post! With congratulations from Maxim for granting the 190th visa. I confess we waited for so long that it was not easy to believe the dream came true. Soon we will fly to Adelaide!


Thanks a lot to the World of Australia and in particular to Maxim for the work done. Qualified, welcoming and qualitative service. Although it is believed that the process of collecting and filing the documents is relatively simple, in the case of complex situation as mine – not living in the Russian Federation, a little time and a very diverse experience – I advice to use the experience of professionals. Therefore, the services of the World of Australia were very helpful – advice about how to position the experience, on what to put accent and how to get the state sponsorship were pretty helpful. The presence of huge experience certainly helps the agency. The whole process took about 7 months. Thank you again!


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